This power can be used against a single enemy model. If the power is employed successfully the target is blasted directly away from the caster and knocked to the ground - roll a dice and move the target that number of inches or double that number of centimetres (1-6” of 2-12cm). Any models that lie within the path of the model as it moves back are automatically moved aside and knocked to the ground. If the model is fighting then all the models in the same conflict are knocked to the ground whether friends or foe. If the models are blasted into any obstacles they are also knocked to the ground. The target model counts as having been struck one blow at a Strength value of 5 and every model that is knocked to the ground is struck with one blow at a Strength of 3. If a model with a strength of 5 or less is blasted into a model which has a strength of 6 or more it stops immediately. The model with strength of 6 or more is not moved or knocked to the gorund, but it is struck one blow from the impact as normal. If the model blasted away has a a strength of 6 or more it will affect other models along its path.

Roll to Cast/RangeEdit