Kinsman to Aragorn, Halbarad Dunadan is amongst his closest and most loyal companions. A skilled leader and warrior both, Halbarad assumes command of the Dunedain when Aragorn is abroad, and is swift to answer his summons to the Pelennor.


Armor and bow.


-Banner of Arwen Evenstar 6 pts

-Horse 10 pts

-Spear 1 pt

​The Banner of Arwen Evenstar:'​'

The Banner of Arwen Evenstar is a banner but affects all friendly models withing 6"/14cm, not 3"/8cm. Good models withing 6"/14cm of the banner automatically pass any Courage test they are required to take. Halbarad can still use his bow if he carries this banner.

Move: 6"/14cm
Fight value: 5/3+

Strenght: 4

Defence: 5
Attacks: 2
Wounds: 2
Courage: 6
Might: 3
Will: 2
Fate: 1

Points: 65